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Fintech has unleashed a new breed of business models, services, apps, sites and platforms designed that help consumers to get shift mindset about their lifestyle solutions – particularly on financial services touching on personal, family, business and the entire lifetime values.

It is now ideal for fintech to provide the basis to various consumers’ issue statements as access to information is omnipresence i.e. smartphones, touchscreens, web and many other interactive platforms. These devices enabled creation of and linkage between virtual platforms and eco-systems that allow efficient offering and delivery of financial services securely via technology such as Distributed Ledger  as well as enhancing service quality through Artificial Intelligence, data analytics and cloud storage.

Fintech is more than just making financial services ‘easier’ with tech. It is also capable of improving the user experience, lowering costs, and enhances business processes by making it more secure yet transparent. It enables new business models to be applied on banking, investing, trading, payment, insurance underwriting and distribution, as well as democratizing financing by making it cheaper for these services to be offered, distributed, maintained and improved. Fintech forces the simplicity in a product; stripping out extravagant bells and whistles to make things easier to understand by more stakeholders rather than just the provider or originator.

Once a pain point is identified; an innovative mindset would ask if this can be alleviated or solved by with a new approach; empowered by technology with goal to value-add to humanity. This is one of the key elements for a successful innovative fintech solution and with potential for it to be scale, growth and adopted globally.

In the world of technology, the mantra “innovate or die” is truer for organizations than ever, and developing the ability to mass-personalize to variety of users’ preferences, via automation and hyper-localization.

Our specialization is in facilitating adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with speed, accuracy and cost efficiency for deployment; driven by your data. We help to optimize your organization needs; analyzing, priorotize, communicate and implement the tactical approach to achieve your internal and external stakeholders requirement by utilizing technology.

Our clientele includes financial institutions, fintech related entities, government agencies and small & medium enterprises.

Ridzuan Aziz

"Financial inclusion is not an option; but a compulsion"

Meet our Chief Executive Officer – Ridzuan Aziz  has over 20 years of commercially–driven regulatory, compliance and technology experiences in Asia-Pacific.

He provides business-oriented regulatory advice, solution and consultancy to banks, remittance companies, fund management entities, broker dealers (equity and derivatives) as well as sovereign wealth managers on regulatory requirements, compliance risks management, licensing, business viability and practical implementation of FinTech and regulatory technology (RegTech).

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